Get Entrepreneurial FAST!

Getting a lot of people in my network reaching out to ask how to navigate the changes being enforced by their employers! Just like in Egypt during biblical times, our masters are not always benevolent!

As Christians, we have to build durable households and get entrepreneurial FAST ! This “crisis” is exposing how well prepared we are/aren’t — both financially and in our faith! You can work for yourself and make a lot of money because you will be more agile than these big companies that are cutting off their nose to spite their face!

God sent Joseph to help Egypt (and the world) prepare for famine, provided the Israelites manna every day in the wilderness, and loves the redeemed more than sparrow and lilies of the fields! His power is not depleted by Biden or the Taliban! Trust in Him, ask for/seek wisdom in The Word and from your church leaders, do not compromise for a paycheck, and wait and see what the Lord does! This is freedom pick a direction, run, and jump!

I found out days prior to leaving the military that I owed Uncle Sam $40k! We had two mortgages, five kids, no healthcare, and no job (I was relying too heavily on the financial cushion we had built that God was now taking away). I started a construction company and got to work learning sales, marketing, and client management… while our bank account plummeted! Bottom line: I had to trust God and do the work! He did not disappoint! He has brought the yield!

Also, if you think you are safe from these edicts because your employer is playing nice for now, don’t be fool!! Start diversifying into money making activities that you control! For my family that is construction and real estate (took us 10 years to build) and we are starting a farm.

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Lastly, I’m devoting a huge portion of my time to help people prepare — tactically and financially! Sign up to get my emails!

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